And now for something completely obvious…

Before I start my online amalgamation of academic interests, I think it’s only fair that I indicate the direction that my profession guides me on for my digital sojourn. I will be following the rules as outlined by my respective union, The Manitoba Teacher’s Society.

1) Code of Professional Practice

2) Teacher Model for Ethical and Appropriate Online Behaviour



The purpose of this blog is to be the core of many social networks that I currently use professionally, and to share any existing or emerging online resources that can assist or further matters of education.

I’m an individual who tries to manage the stress of a busy career with a healthy diet and lifestyle. I made the career switch from a Graphic Designer in Winnipeg, MB Canada to that of a Vocational Teacher in Brandon, MB Canada. As such, I view the use of technology in classrooms as an opportunity for the successful engagement of students.

Any views expressed online do not reflect that of my employer.

Starting Point

As part of a University course requirement, this blog was created as part of a Personal Learning Network (PLN).