6: Connecting intelligent discourse, applied

I indulged myself with my number one love this week-end—comics. I attended the Central Canada Comic-Con. For people that know me, it’s no surprise to them when they say with exasperation “Korey, just start your own comic already”. To which I inevitably reply, “I have no time, due to my teaching responsibilities”.

I used to feel marginalized by the responsibilities of my choice of profession. Until I had the beneficial fortune to converse with this fellow at the Con.

G.M.B Chomichuk is a teacher for the St. James School Division, who just happens to have published works in the comics genre. Greg was very informative, and from our conversation, I distinctly appreciate two items of advice: 1) do not leave school until all grading responsibilities are complete, and 2) find, make the time to work on comics where it suits you best.


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