A Snowball’s Chance

A Nova Scotia community expressed their views upon a teachers possible return to work, , and rightfully so, after his guilty plea and conditional discharge for committing indecent public acts.

I have to admit, I do not envy the Administrator’s or Superintendent’s involved. This case went to the N.S. Provincial Supreme court, and back. Despite the lurid nature of the case, a fact reported by Michael MacDonald of The CanadianPress was, “The courts had ordered that the board engage in a so-called restorative approach to ensure Speight’s reintegration at the school went smoothly”.

In other news, it appears as if common sense is not that common in the N.S. Supreme Court.

It’s worthwhile to note that provincial Supreme Courts are structured different from the Federal Supreme Court, and I may be wrong, but I believe Speight may be able to appeal to the Federal Supreme Court regarding his individual rights.

In my personal opinion, as Speight freely acknowledged his guilt before the courts, I hope Speight simply looks for a new career, and lets the community settle and grow positively, with no more unnecessary interruptions.


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