Newtown Tragedy

When hearing about the horrible news of the Newtown, CT tragedy last Friday, I’ve been reading Facebook posts, watching TV reports, and listening to the radio. I’ve been trying to detach myself from realizing how horrific the act was, because it is incomprehensible.

However, I find equally incomprehensible, the affection for firearms in America, especially when it extends towards semi-automatics. As a Canadian, I will be the first to admit that the United States of America is not my backyard. Perhaps, Nassim Taleb summarizes my viewpoint best, as I base my argument against guns simply by pointing out the logical fallacy of  argumentum ad antiquitatem. The era that society currently exists, is markedly different from that of the pioneers.

I’ve also read, viewed, and heard that mental health was a contributing factor to this unfortunate event. I will not refute that point. I agree with it. Mental health issues are also prevalent in the U.S.A., as they are in Canada.

But what about good ol’ fashioned idiocy?

Google “guns and educators”, and note the discounts offered to American teachers by American business owners, and the unwarranted views that American gun lobbyists spew forth. I hope I never see an American (or Canadian) day where a child enters a place of learning, where teachers as role models, are armed.

My sincere empathies to all families involved.


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