27: 105 Free Moodle Tutorials

I re-tweeted this link from one Stephen Harris late last week, but I’m finding it so informative, I’m posting it here on my blog:

105 Free Moodle Video Tutorials


Comics in education

I love it when my profession and hobby collides. Comicsbeat.com is a comic news website edited by Heidi MacDonald. This link provides a few facts on how reading comics assist teenage male literacy.

Heck, I could’ve told you that, but it’s nicer when supported by fact.

26: Gift Cards for fundraising efforts

I recently offered to assist fundraising efforts at my school, for a school trip out to the West Coast. Fundscrip.com is a site that offers gift cards for fundraising purposes, with over 170 participating retailers.

25: Acronyms in education, do they ever stop?

The Manitoba Professional Learning Environment, or MAPLE for short, is an online network for teachers and other education professionals. It’s states on it’s site that MAPLE’s purpose as a social site is for exchanging ideas, and offering and receiving support.

I haven’t signed up yet, as it’s fairly busy at the end of Semester 1, but rest assured, I will be doing so, and providing updates as I progress.

24: “App”arently this is specific to teachers

A colleague recommend the app iTeacherbook. It retails for a fairly frugal $4.99 CDN, and I will admit I did download it. I’m currently in the process of setting it up,  and I quite like the feature that reminds me when an exam or assignment date is upcoming.

23: Free lesson plans

Lessoncorner.com is a website that offers a multitude of lesson plans, assisted by a search function that works. As an educator, I appreciate the site for not requiring a membership, and being a free resource.

As a graphic designer, I’m critical of the logo appropriating Googles colour scheme.