Being well, well said

BSD held it’s division wide “Wellness Day” yesterday. Employees were required to attend a morning seminar that discussed two topics, “Harassment in the Workplace, and Professional Online Awareness” (not sure if those were the exact titles, but I’m summarizing the content provided). Employees were also required to sign up for a Wellness activity of choice in the afternoon.

I absolutely, wholeheartedly approve of the efforts that The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) provides for it’s members. Having read about The unions in Ontario or B.C., I love being a teacher in Manitoba. I know our union always has it’s members’ interests at the forefront, and MTS diligently fosters a productive relationship with the Manitoba Government to achieve this.

Having said that, I don’t wish for my following comments to be perceived as trivial or petty. In my career as a teacher, I’ve walked paths in both subject areas of the seminar’s discussion, so I watched the presentation from more of an analytical viewpoint. Two pieces of constructive criticism for the obviously well-constructed, information-rich morning sessions are:

  1. individuals in Canada can not “file charges” against other individuals. Under Canadian law, individuals can only file a complaint, and then the responsibility lies with the law enforcement agency to file charges,
  2. I truly believe that educators who aren’t familiar with the digital aspects of Web 2.0 need to be encouraged not only to be aware, but also encouraged to be involved** in responsible use of Web 2.0.

In the afternoon, I simply chose the Art Session at a local high school, and worked on a project of choice. So I put my grading responsibilities aside, set my University homework aside, and placed my pencil in front of a canvas and started drawing.

It was a perfect choice, well made.

**update: I would be remiss If I didn’t mention MTS’s efforts to encourage members of CoSL to adopt Twitter usage


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