Why 289?

This blog was started as part of a University PLN course. I’ve since continued it’s use, because I find that the wealth of information present on the ol’ triple dub is too much to contain to a selfish bookmark list on a browser. If any colleagues out there (you) can find use from even one of these blog posts, then this blog’s existence is justified.

I explained the use of the online persona on anything Web 2.0 to my professor of the aforementioned course in the following manner:

  • I think of the online personality of 289CID as a brand
  • Being a brand, it reminds me that my responsibilities and actions towards posts must always be made in the professional nature of a teacher. I even try to limit my Tweets as 289CID to three categories only, education, comic-books, and running.
  • I can set security settings on all my Web 2.0 activities, but I acknowledge that they will never be secure. I consider the anonymity of 289CID as an “outside the box” security setting (I acknowledge it’s still not 100% secure).

As a final note, the 289 title was chosen for two reasons: 1) I intend to ‘retire’ after 289 links to beneficial web sites, and 2) the Cubic Inch Displacement of my 1965 Mustang is Two Hundred and Eighty-nine.


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