Measured Thoughts, Shared

It’s no secret that I’ve previously worked for The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) as a member of their support staff. As such, I am well informed of what they do, but I never really appreciated why they do until I actually became a teacher.

I spent time at another MTS Teacher Action Cohorts (TAC) meeting last Saturday, March 9. TAC are a group that talk with teachers regarding issues of educational interest. Issues that are currently explored, can be found on the website. TAC participants were introduced to additional skill-sets, provided by the experience and knowledge of Ms. Debra Radi. I truly appreciated the quality of information presented, regarding facilitation and leading groups of professional adults.

At our TAC meeting, it was noted how MTS is much more than collective bargaining and legal advice for its 13,400 Manitoban teachers. On the ride home, I was able to reflect on the session, and realized I am proud to be a part of one of the many pro-active aspects of MTS. I have to acknowledge the experienced shared by members of the TAC group, who are each from varied schools, levels, divisions, educational roles, and career spans. This is where I find the bulk of wealth in TAC meetings, where the experiences are shared, measured, and employed again. MTS is much more than a static “due on a paycheque” for the average professional to take note of. MTS is active, and educators benefit. I also wondered on the same ride home, in the context of the strife other provincial teacher organizations are experiencing, how many Manitoban teachers truly understand why they should be more involved in their local associations?

In my studies to attain teacher certification, it was once stated, “To be a better teacher, become a better person”. If I am truly becoming a better person, then I can’t think of a better group of teachers to learn from than my fellow cohorts.


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