38: An Educator E-portfolio service (kind of)

I was culling the herd my personal book collection last week, when I came across my Educator Portfolio. While wistfully regarding my beginning efforts, I realized that I should update my portfolio. My second thought was that I should also place it online.

How to do that securely, and invite a potential employer to peruse the personal portfolio?  I think I will use Threering.com, an app I currently use. By the way, it’s also free.

Threering.com is an app/website that allows educators to take snapshots of, and track the progression of students’ work. Its appears to be a beneficial service, despite being in a perceived ‘beta’ stage. The strength of Threering is that it allows an educator to provide parents with a security code that allows them to view their progeny’s progress.

So my third thought to myself was, “Why not setup a portfolio, instead of a class?”. I suppose I will discover how well this works one day, when I find the time to update my portfolio.


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