Adobe Creative Cloud Rains on Education

I recently read about how Adobe plans to move it’s Creative Suite into a licensing agreement structure. “Interesting, I wonder how this will play out”, was my first response to the information posted on a friend’s social media account. After ruminating on it for about a day, and talking with a colleague at work, the concept was brought up how the license is available to teachers and students individually.

Do the math: It appears as if a graphic design course in Canada with 40 computers was to sign up, then the price tag of $29 per computer was to pay this rate for 12 months, and it adds up to approximately $13, 920 per year. That’s not including the exchange rate.

I know for sure that our school budget for the graphic design program can not support this. We won’t even mention how most school divisions are leery about trusting cloud security  when it comes to legal privacy policies and youth.

Speaking as an educator: Congratulations Adobe, you’ve  eliminated your product from helping educate young minds. Speaking as someone  with experience in a former career of marketing: Adobe, you’ve ruined your chance of exposure to potential future customers.

The think-tank behind this pricing strategy obviously has their head in the clouds—and not one single educator in their midst.


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