Labour Day Weekend

Here it is folks, every educators’ favourite weekend. Careers officially resume next week (I’m not counting the extra hours my colleagues have put in last week, prepping their classrooms).

For the upcoming year, I thought I would share this quote:

“A professional is someone who receives occupational rewards from a reference group whose membership is limited to people who have undergone specialized formal eduction and have accepted a group-defined code of proper conduct”.

~James Q. Wilson, Bureaucracy


Busy Hands are Happy Hands

Lo siento.

I’ve been away for a long, long time. About a year in fact (two, if you do not count the couple of posts since my last apology).

During this time, I’ve: struggled with my thesis (still struggling); learned most of the routines necessary for being an astute father; yard work or house maintenance; and finally—indulging in my most guilty of pleasures—have been restoring my 1965 Ford Mustang (you may view the progress here).

As for my blog on education…

I can not promise it won’t go dormant again. However, in an effort to stay responsible to myself, and keep a regular schedule in working on my thesis, I think I may share my difficulties and successes in writing the damn thing. I’m only a neophyte in the world of published and printed works of words.

So far, a few programs I’ve explored to assist me are Scrivener, and as always, Evernote. More on that later.

Again, I offer my sincere apologies to all two of my readers, and I hope to post again soon.

~Tuwaytee Ninecid