Busy Hands are Happy Hands

Lo siento.

I’ve been away for a long, long time. About a year in fact (two, if you do not count the couple of posts since my last apology).

During this time, I’ve: struggled with my thesis (still struggling); learned most of the routines necessary for being an astute father; yard work or house maintenance; and finally—indulging in my most guilty of pleasures—have been restoring my 1965 Ford Mustang (you may view the progress here).

As for my blog on education…

I can not promise it won’t go dormant again. However, in an effort to stay responsible to myself, and keep a regular schedule in working on my thesis, I think I may share my difficulties and successes in writing the damn thing. I’m only a neophyte in the world of published and printed works of words.

So far, a few programs I’ve explored to assist me are Scrivener, and as always, Evernote. More on that later.

Again, I offer my sincere apologies to all two of my readers, and I hope to post again soon.

~Tuwaytee Ninecid


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