41: User Interfaces and Other Observations

Today in #I4Ed class, one Mr. John Evans, a Web Technologies Consultant with Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning, informed the class of many different online resources for educators. I found his presentation to be highly knowledgable and informative. In fact, you’ll notice my links to the left now include links to my About.me page, and my Pearltrees.com account.

Some things about today’s lesson:

1) I’m still uncomfortable having my real name published online for various reasons.
2) Scoop.it would be a lot more revered (by my wallet) if it didn’t charge for full functionality. Yes, I read how to get “free” upgrades, and I only have one hour for prep in the school day.
3) Who designed the cumbersome interface for Diigo.com?

Evans did state that the value of the sites presented today were based on the recommendations of other educators. I do not dispute this statement for one bit. I believe Evans when he states that there is plenty of value in the Diigo.com site. However, if I can’t find what I’m looking for with a couple of quick, fumbled clicks around a site, then I’m gonna make like a pair of jeans and fade. Yes, there is a plethora of online sites to help build Personal Learning Environments, yet it is up to the individual nature of educators, to decide which sites may or may not work to their needs.

Teacher’s are in a profession that can recognize, foster, and appraise human abilities according to Bloom’s; complex stuff, categorized. So why can’t a site in 2015 be built according to a few simple interface guidelines?


5 thoughts on “41: User Interfaces and Other Observations

  1. Great blog entry. I am the same way and don’t feel comfortable having my name, pictures, and identity splashed all over the internet. I find it hard of my personal life to be available for anyone, whereas some feel that they want to share every single detail.

    This blog leads me to a question, what are the expectations of teachers and should their be a standard when it comes to online content? The reason why I ask is people keep posting online as a professional teacher in an unprofessional manner. It’s too bad for those who use it for professional reasons and have scared some teachers into hiding their “identity.”

  2. I agree 100% with your statement about needing quick and easy access to material, if I cannot find it quickly and easily I tend to move on or in some cases give up. Some sites seem so complicated to navigate, why can’t they be user friendly? I did appreciate how John presented sites recommended by those who are out there in the field. Whats being used right now is great to know, providing us with the opportunity to learn and be familiar with them before we go out into the field.

  3. It’s also important to me that the information that I am looking for be immediately accessible with little effort. From what I saw of Diigo, it looks a little too complicated for me to want to use. I’m sure that it is a great tool for some, but if it takes me more than a few minutes to figure out a site, I’m usually tempted to just forget about it.

  4. I totally get not wanting to have your name out there. I had the same issue, until i got married and changed my name. Now, when you Google my name, you get an actress, which is definitely not me, I can guarantee that. As for Diigo, yes it seems complicated at first, but like anything new, it will take some time to explore it and it’s capabilities before I can say for sure if it’ll be truly useful. I am the kind of person that will give things a chance to prove themselves.

  5. I have a similar situation as Natalie – I was pretty proud of the fact that when you googled my maiden name, the only thing that came up were my high school track results. Now, google Kelsey Jennings and you get all sorts of characters. The way I see it, I need to be online so that when someone googles me, they actually find me and not someone else. I’ve tried to go the opposite route and have my name on my sites, but make sure it’s all content that I am happy for my future employer (and my students) to see.
    Diigo is something that I’ve considered using, but have never gotten around to really learning it. I’m not ready to throw it out the window just yet though… we’ll see.

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