TT No. 3: Thoughts About Twitter

I joined Twitter in March 2010. At that time, someone on Facebook noticed my reduced activity and stated “I think he’s a Twitter user now”. They said this, erroneously assuming that I substituted one for the other. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Apples and oranges, I suppose.

Indeed, I rarely use Facebook, but that’s only because I do not find it that informative. Perhaps I’m not social enough, I suppose. As for Twitter, I use it a few times a week, to 1) browse the interests I follow, and to 2) supplement news occurring, game playing or live broadcast upon TV. This is where I find Twitter’s true strength—in it’s immediacy.

The hashtag function allows me to read the interpretations of events from fellow Twitter users, quickly, and unedited. Plus, as an added bonus, it confirms my confusion as to why the general public worships celebrities…some of the things celebrities post are unintentionally comical.

In any case, I did reply to that Facebook comment. I simply told them something I previously heard about Twitter’s purpose in comparison to Facebook: “Facebook is for who you already know, Twitter is for people [and events] that you want to know” (changes mine).


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