TT No. 4: Follow an EduBlogger

For Tech Task #4, I decided to follow an Edublogger named Matt Miller. His Blog domain is He hails from Marshall, Indiana.  He’s a Google certified teacher. His Blog is easy to navigate.

I could go on, and on, with information about Matt. Quite simply, I like his site because he knows how to market his efforts honestly and openly, and the tips and tricks he shares are a good resource. Heck, I’ve even added his site to my Pearltrees account. However, I think the biggest reason I like his blog is that he writes his information in short snippets. It is not rare for Matt to leave a single line of text, out on its own, in the middle, between two paragraphs, for emphasis.

Not rare in the slightest.

Nor, is it rare for Matt to randomly bold text to regain a reader’s attention. These formatting choices all assist Matt’s efforts to write in a friendly, colloquial manner. These are just my personal observations, yes, but they’re also  why I keep re-visiting from time to time. It’s free and easy to read, and the ideas and insights are practical.



One thought on “TT No. 4: Follow an EduBlogger

  1. Excellent writing! You have a way with words…just like Matt Miller. It is certainly true that the format of a writing piece can make a huge difference in a person’s interest in reading it. Something to keep in mind for teaching our students!

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