TT No. 5: Digital Footprints

My online life is no different than my personal life. I share what I want, and keep the personal items to myself. As a teacher, I also have to acknowledge my online persona in a professional manner.

Most academically certified teachers come out of their courses, acknowledging that they are in the process of developing their professional behaviour. These are the people who have managed their emotional and intellectual aspects in tandem, under the auspices of potential employment. However, because I started teaching with a Vocational background, I should acknowledge my preference for a pseudonym. My first year in teaching, a voice from the past e-mailed me at my work address, the message was, “Ha! Someone told me you disappeared from Winnipeg, but I found you!”. Perhaps not a terrible way to say hello, but I ask you to consider the context.

For 13 years of my life, I was a Graphic Artist, and as such did not have to adhere to a code of professional practice. It was a wonderfully free, uninhibited time. I have NO wish for any associates from that timeframe to connect with me online. As such, I chose my professional pseudonym as 289CID. I curate anything educational related under that. Well, except for my Instagram account; the subject is personal, but it can interpreted as an example of Constructionism learning.

So, I start off with my online identity. From that, any social media site I sign up for with a public, professional mindset. I then connect these, as I see fit. My WordPress account is linked to my Twitter account. Pearltrees, are linked to my WordPress account, etc. Pinterest is my grey area. I could go either personal (boards about fitness, cars, or comics) or professional (boards about education, or art) yet I am mindful of not following or posting questionable material.

My Facebook is non-existent. When I was using FB, I even had a pseudonym for that, different from 289CID and nothing was linked to it. Personal thoughts and opinions where issued. A lot of them political in nature. Eventually, I decided to eliminate and delete all activity on FB, and  deactivate the account. A wonderful side-effect? So much less stress now.

Finally, at the risk of sounding morbid, I like to think of my Digital Footprint like this: When I die, (if people are still curious enough to check up on me) what is it I want people to see that I left behind online?

when I di


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