#I4Ed Class: One-to-One

This week in my #I4Ed class, the guest speakers were Martin Ingenmay and Bryce Ridgen from the Rolling River School Division (RRSD). They both spoke to our class about the 1:1 initiative occuring in the RRSD schools. What “one-to-one” means, is that the division issues enrolled students with devices that are capable of accessing the internet.

What a sweet idea.

Of course, acknowledgements were made about growing pains such as: What would happen if a student “sold” a device that was not legally theirs, no internet access from homes, etc. However, if one considers all the positives that would result from proactive use of technology…

There’s simply too much to list for one blog post. Our 2-hour class went by in a heartbeat, as Ridgen kept showing potential applications of tech use in a classroom. However, one idea stood out to me right at the beginning of the presentation: The concept of SAMR. SAMR is an acronym for: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redfinition. These are four areas of technology use. Each level increases a level of critical thinking. If technology is to transform learning, it has to be interactive

In my opinion, this means that the first two levels of SAMR, aren’t even worth explaining—these levels represent when a teacher uses technology to adapt previous pedagogical practices *yawn*. Rubber only hits the road in the third and fourth areas of SAMR. I only focussed on the M & R definitions Ridgen provided, and I see it like this:

     Substitution *lower level*
     Augmentation *lower level*
     Modification—tech allows for significant task redesign
     Redefinition—tech allows for the creation of new tasks previously inconceivable

As Ridgen pointed out, Blooms has a lot of connections to SAMR, and the critical thinking in the higher levels of Blooms corresponds with the “Modification” and “Redefinition” areas of SAMR.

I agree.

So much so, that I now have to re-visit my thesis and include the comments made during that presentation into my Thesis. In addition, I hope my Thesis research reveals some interesting facts in that area of focus.


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