TT No. 6: Personal Learning Network

Ah, Popplet, what would I ever do without you?

I blame the TV series “Pop-Up Videos” that aired in the late 90’s for my preference of this format. The little round boxes provide what is known as “Information Nuggets”. On a video, they literally “pop up” on the screen, explaining an aspect of a video.

Popplet, however is a site that offers a static mind-map service. I’ve used it for everything that I work on, from establishing my Master’s Thesis questions, to creation of links for a website.

For this BU assignment, class was asked to generate a mind-map of their Personal Learning Network (PLN), also referred to as a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). By creating this, I discovered that my online identity of 289CID was more extensive than I thought. The actual, stated visual of the Map made me realize where my interests spread online. Kind of the like the “You Are Here” arrow of the triple dub.

I had to develop categories that made sense to me, in order to create the appropriate links. As such, I can envision myself showing this to an future class to develop their online awareness of self, and ask the students why their personal preferences use different sites. All in the name of literacy.

Here’s my PLN



Update 11/02/2015: Heres a Popplet about my thoughts on what a 21st Century Learner’s PLN may look like. Now with 25% more conjecture!

My PDF File



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