TT No. 7: Infographic Resume

An infographic is a visual representation of statistics or information. There are many sites available in which to create one. A few worth mentioning are: Piktochart,, and Venngage.

As a former Graphic Designer, I always consider audience first. As part of my class responsibilities, I was looking forward to creating an infographic that would explain to my classmates who say “Hey, self-deprecating old-guy…why are you here? Aren’t you already a teacher?”

I inevitably reply (with a deep breath), “Yes, I am a certified Vocational Instructor, but due to a complicated mix of seniority/administration/certification issues, I was forced to embark on a journey of self-discovery, traversing through the region of Mordor…”.

Seriously, it takes a novel to explain the last seven years of my professional and academic life. Eventually, people start to nod off. I’m pretty sure a few people were somnambulant as they shuffled away.

Now, when the cool kids ask me about my reasons for being in a B.Ed, I will happily refer them to my infographic resume.

I also chose Visualize as an infographic creator because it speaks to the audience of resume readers, e.g.: employers. People respond to graphics quicker than they do to long, boring passages of text (like this blog post).

A few limitations of Visualize that I’ve noticed (the service is in its Beta state):

  • Not many themes available
  • Not easy to insert snippets of info (like Thinglink does)
  • If you choose fonts, then switch to a different theme, you lose that font choice
  • Viewing the link on an iOS device does not allow for the text-box to appear, explaining the nuances of the graphics.

Basically, if you wish to know my complete story, view my infographic resume on an actual laptop or desktop computer.


2 thoughts on “TT No. 7: Infographic Resume

  1. Using infographics to make a resume its an awesome idea. I never thought of using them like that, I thought of them more as a fun alternative as opposed to writing a test or something like that. But the resume idea is fantastic, and it is something I could see myself doing in the future with my students.

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