Video: TT No. 8: Podcasts


“Welcome to my Podcast review. For this assignment, I’m actually creating an audio review of my favourite Podcast, “Under The Influence”, by Terry O’Reilly. It’s a CBC Podcast, so naturally it’ll have some pretty slick production values.

Along with the production values, O’Reilly is diligent in collecting and presenting facts about his subject matter. The subject matter, by the way, is all about advertising and marketing. Basically, how do the corporations bleat to the consumerist sheep of a capitalist society.

It’s an eye-opener—take the red pill.

I’m not saying capitalism is bad, but it sure is nice to know how traditional advertising has been effective, made mistakes, and evolved with media over the years.

I’ve taught a few Business courses over my last 6 years of teaching, and I have always managed to include a Podcast of O’Reilly’s. It engages my students in critical thinking about product image. However, after building this quick little audio file myself, I know that in whatever course I will teach in the future, creating a Podcast is now a viable option for presentation…replete with slick production values.”

Podcast of this transcript available here.


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