TT No.9: Using Online Video in the Classroom

One video that I like to use in my SY Fine Arts classroom is the “Crumpled Paper” challenge. It’s a great way to show students how value can be applied effectively, for a purpose (instead of asking students to complete mind-numbing value charts *yawn*) It’s also a time-lapse video, which means that the student comprehends that their own time spent applying values will be more substantial.

Basically, it’s another way to demonstrate expectations of skill development to a class. After that, then the students can create their own works of art, using the skills acquired.

Now that I’ve explored free and easy video production, I’m going to ask students to use Hyperlapse .Students could then create their own time-lapses videos, add copyright-free music, and to present their efforts to the class. The only difference I would request, is that they change the subject matter to that of a simple geometric object with an obvious light source, an apple, a water bottle…whatever.

That being said, I will always reserve the right to encourage a student beyond their comfort level of skill. It’s what teachers do.


One thought on “TT No.9: Using Online Video in the Classroom

  1. Really neat idea Corey. I love this idea. The part that stands out the most to me is that this video can literally be used for any subject area. The time-lapse is a very useful tool as well as we all know not one student is alike in their learning process. Some are slower and some pick up on things quickly. Using a video like this could be a neat idea to try in the classroom. Great post!

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