15: An oldie, but a goodie

Kubbu.com has been around since 2006. It’s interface is rather plain, with no splashy, interesting, or colourful graphics. However, it is easy to navigate.

It seems to me, as if this “function before form” approach would be beneficial to any established teachers who would like to implement technology into their classroom.


14: Online Community Groundrules

I’m borrowing this link for Online Community Groundrules from Michelle Pacansky-Brock. As my final University Paper is currently titled: “Issues affecting administrators’ implementation of social media for the communication of school related issues“, I consider the Online Community Groundrules a great starting point to modify and alter in conjunction with current Divisional policy on the professional responsibilities of communication.

13: Classdojo Update

I’ve been using classdojo.com for the last two weeks, and I promised an update. Nothing fancy, no introspective analysis of the site. Just the following observations:

  1. The entire class really likes it, and even reminds me to use it,
  2. I don’t like the extrinsic reward aspect of it, and
  3. it adds extra time to class management, especially if a teacher has to return to a stationary CPU (I recommend using a tablet and installing a Splashtop program).

Perserverance, and the ability to run with it

A personal note:

In the past week, I’ve encountered more than one professional “hiccup” in my educational career. However, instead of regarding the experiences negatively, I see them as opportunities. For that, I would simply like to thank my running routine and the limbic and prefrontal regions in the ol’ grey matter. I’ll always state publicly, and adamantly that exercise assists cognition.

12: Professional texting in the classroom

Remind101.com is a site that enables educators to issue class wide texts without issuing their personal phone number.

Bloom’s Taxonomy in effect

While researching and writing the final paper for my university course, I came across this tidbit on Cyberbullying. As I volunteer for The Manitoba Teachers’ Society Teacher Action Cohorts (TAC), I thought it would be useful to share. But where-oh-where to bookmark for public sharing? On my wordpress blog of course.

Or, Bloom would categorize this act in the Cognitive domain, as knowledge. Specifically, remembering.

11. FREE Online Professional Development

Coursera is a resource site that offers lessons and lectures online. All one has to do is sign up, and choose a topic they are interested in.

Did the Winnipegger in me mention it’s FREE, yet?